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Dustin Anderson loves homes. He loves their variety, their beauty, their functionality, their locations, their kitchens, their landscape, their stories—Dustin loves homes.

Since the first home he and his wife, Jess, bought as newlyweds, to the one he renovated and sold to raise money for their first adoption, to the home their family of four lives in now, and the hundreds he has helped families find around West Michigan, Dustin has learned homes are really about people.

So while Dustin loves homes, he really loves people. This is why serving others is at the heart of his work, and why he’ll go the extra mile for everyone he serves, whether it’s a client buying a million-dollar house or a client selling a fifty-thousand dollar one.

Dustin’s work is about service. His desire to remove the stress in one of life’s biggest decisions is about service. Helping individuals and families sell, find, and purchase the home of their dreams is about service. Finding creative ways to market and sell a home is really about service.

Being a Realtor® should be about service.

When he’s not at the office or serving his clients, you can find Dustin playing with his kids, writing and recording music, exploring the outdoors with family and friends, or dreaming up his next less-than-conventional real estate video.

©2020 Dustin Anderson

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